Update (August 2, 2017): Good news, everyone! I started writing on Medium. Here's the first post. Like and follow me and all that.

This announcement is mostly for myself, so I stop feeling bad about not blogging on this here blog as much as I'd like to...

Due to changes in my personal (our family was joined by one little human) and professional life (I started a network for freelance developers) about a year ago, I haven't had nearly as much time for "fun stuff" like blogging about cool new tech things I learned. I also recently started a blog for Uplink which I want to write on regularly.

So it will be a bit quiet here in the foreseeable future... but who knows, maybe if the time is right, I'll start blogging here again. I'd probably move the blog to Medium in that case though, since the writing (and reading) experience on there is stellar!

See you on the other side!

Ideas? Constructive criticism? Think I'm stupid? Let me know in the comments!