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Simple and Powerful - the Alexa Flash Briefing Skill API

I have had a Amazon Echo for a few months now and I really love it! I agree that it will likely become the operating system of the home - there are just so many services that are easily controllable through voice (at least for the most common use cases) and having them readily available in your home without the need to search for your phone or open your laptop will surely change how people use these services in the years and decades to come.

Since I bought the Echo, I wanted to write a Skill for Alexa myself. Then I stumbled upon the news that the Alexa Flash Briefing Skill API became available in the UK and Germany on March 28, 2017. Flash Briefing Skills are a group of Skills that can be activated by Alexa users for their Flash Briefing, a customizable news update that Alexa reads to you when you ask her "Alexa, what's new?" (and it has some other triggers as well of course).

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