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Autospace Bootstrap columns on small screens

A little trick I have been using in pretty much every design I worked on that was based on Bootstrap is to automatically add a margin between grid columns when they break/collapse, i.e. are displayed vertically instead of horizontally.

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Bringing Bootstrap and Ruby together

I've always been a huge fan of Bootstrap, the front-end framework started by two former Twitter employees. For me as a design-impaired programmer, it meant I could build front-ends for my projects all by myself, and they wouldn't look absolutely horrible.

Since I create all of my projects in Ruby (web apps as well as web sites), over the years I have searched for, found, and used (or not found and created myself) my fair share of Ruby wrappers for the different components Bootstrap offers. Often, when I found yet another Bootstrap related Ruby project on Github that did the same as another one, I have wished for a curated collection of those tools, which is exactly what I want to introduce in this post.

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Load remote Rails links and forms in Bootstrap modals

As a heavy user of Bootstrap modals and Rails, I often want to use remote links or forms in a modal and load the result into the same modal. After doing this in several projects I worked on, I now copy and paste the helper directly into any new project I start that will use modals:

$(document).on 'ajax:success', '.modal [data-remote="true"]', (_, data) ->
      scrollTop: 0
      , 300

The trick is to specify only [data-remote="true"], not a[data-remote="true"] or form[data-remote="true"] so it works with remote links and forms. As you see, I also added a animation that scrolls to modal to the top after inserting the new content.

This helper works with Bootstrap 2.x and 3.x.

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Bootstrap Navbar Helpers for Rails and Middleman

I'm in love with the Middleman static website generator and, after discovering it and falling in love with it, I immediately set out to rewrite all static websites I have up and running with Middleman. Since I'm also a heavy user of Bootstrap I ended up writing the HTML (or rather HAML) for the Bootstrap navbar many times as well. What's a Ruby developer to do? Gemify it!

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