Skimlinks - Access the Skimlinks product database from Ruby

The current project I'm working on, ProductWidgets, lets you add affiliate products to your website effortlessly. It is backed by the Skimlinks product database that lets you access 25 million products from over 4,000 merchants in 54 countries.

Skimlinks offers powerful APIs to access their huge database of products and merchants. I extracted the code I use to access these APIs to a Ruby gem for everyone to use. You can find the code and installation and usage instructions on Github.

You can access the Skimlinks databases through four different APIs:

  • The Product API to search for products and product categories
  • The Merchant API to search for merchants and merchant categories
  • The Link API to convert regular URLs into affiliate URLs
  • The Reporting API to receive a history of your earned commissions

Right now the gem lets you access the Product API and Merchant API. I'll be implementing access to the other APIs as I go along as well.

Getting started is easy:

If you're using the Skimlinks APIs, with or without my gem, let me know of your ideas in the comments! Also, anyone willing to help me to improve the gem, e.g. by implementing the other APIs, is more than welcome! Use the Github issues or pull request for that purpose.

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