Bringing Bootstrap and Ruby together

I've always been a huge fan of Bootstrap, the front-end framework started by two former Twitter employees. For me as a design-impaired programmer, it meant I could build front-ends for my projects all by myself, and they wouldn't look absolutely horrible.

Since I create all of my projects in Ruby (web apps as well as web sites), over the years I have searched for, found, and used (or not found and created myself) my fair share of Ruby wrappers for the different components Bootstrap offers. Often, when I found yet another Bootstrap related Ruby project on Github that did the same as another one, I have wished for a curated collection of those tools, which is exactly what I want to introduce in this post.

Come together

The idea was in my head for a while already, but I finally put it into action when I found myself maintaining three projects that help creating Bootstrap navbars in Ruby projects:

These projects were all in my own Github account (or rather the one of my company) so I moved them into a separate organization called bootstrap-ruby. After that I started looking for more Bootstrap Ruby projects of which I found a lot. I started opening issues in these projects to ask them if they wanted to move to the newly created bootstrap-ruby organization:

Join the Bootstrap-Ruby organisation!

Hi there,

I have set up the Bootstrap-Ruby organisation a while ago to foster a curated collection of tools for using Bootstrap in Ruby projects:

I think this project would be a great candidate to join our organisation!

IMO the advantages would be:

encourage contributions from other developers when this project is in a org dedicated to Ruby Bootstrap projects and
easier to find this project for Rubyists looking to use Bootstrap in their projects

Let me know what you think, it would be great to have your project on board!

Over the last months, three projects have made the move, which was great to see!

Still, I think a lot more projects could benefit from the increased visibility and cohesiveness of the group, so if you are the maintainer of a Bootstrap related Ruby project (or know any that might be interested), don't hesitate to get in touch!

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