code.talks 2014 conference in Hamburg

I am not a big fan of developer conferences I have to admit - too few good talks, too much awkward talk about the latest nerd stuff. The last few conferences haven't been much of an exception, yet I always sign up to new ones thinking I have to "get out there" and can't just work on my own all the time.

Then, when I'm at the conference, what I mostly do (after a few of those awkward nerdy talks) is sit in a quiet corner and work on my projects. Granted, doing that is very nice, since you are surrounded by developers, which is a great environment to be in when coding, but it's not the sole purpose of a going to a conference, now is it?

Still, one conference that I look forward to is code.talks 2014 in Hamburg which will take place on October 9 and 10. Several reasons:

  • the location is a movie theater
  • popcorn, nachos, and drinks are free for attendees
  • they just announced that Xavier Noria, a Rails core member, will be attending
  • lots of interesting speakers, from Facebook, Google, eBay, MongoDB, StackExchange etc.
  • it's put on by Project Collins/About You, a really interesting project by Otto, a big old German company from the offline times that used to send out mail-order catalogues (and maybe still does?)
  • and I hope to be able to find someone who can finally unlock my About You developer account!

And last but not least, it's an "interdisciplinary" conference, meaning not just Ruby and Rails nerds but nerds of all colors and shapes!

I for one are looking forward to the conference! If you, dear reader, are attending as well, I'd be happy to sit down for a coffee or beer!

Ideas? Constructive criticism? Think I'm stupid? Let me know in the comments!