Autospace Bootstrap columns on small screens

A little trick I have been using in pretty much every design I worked on that was based on Bootstrap is to automatically add a margin between grid columns when they break/collapse, i.e. are displayed vertically instead of horizontally.

The code looks like this:

[class*=" col-sm-"] {

  @media (max-width: $screen-xs-max) {

    & + & {
      margin-top: 40px;

(replace $screen-xs-max with @screen-xs-max if you're using LESS instead of Sass)

This snippet basically says that, when the screen is max. $screen-xs-max (767px) wide, any "small column" (i.e., any element with a class starting with col-sm-), that follows another small column, should have a top margin of 40px.

This is very similar to the "lobotomized owl selector" * + * which lets you apply a top margin (or any other style) to any element that is preceded by another element.

Hope you find this quick tip useful!

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