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Bootstrap Navbar Helpers for Rails and Middleman

I'm in love with the Middleman static website generator and, after discovering it and falling in love with it, I immediately set out to rewrite all static websites I have up and running with Middleman. Since I'm also a heavy user of Bootstrap I ended up writing the HTML (or rather HAML) for the Bootstrap navbar many times as well. What's a Ruby developer to do? Gemify it!

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GemConfig - A nifty way to make your gem configurable

This release is another case of "Jeez, this is the third time I'm doing X... let's see if there's a gem for that... nopes? Let's get started!" What follows immediately after that is, of course, putting the idea on my "idea list" (a Trello board) and letting it ripe there for a few months. But eventually I came around to it and present you with: GemConfig - A nifty way to make your gem configurable

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Skimlinks - Access the Skimlinks product database from Ruby

The current project I'm working on, ProductWidgets, lets you add affiliate products to your website effortlessly. It is backed by the Skimlinks product database that lets you access 25 million products from over 4,000 merchants in 54 countries.

Skimlinks offers powerful APIs to access their huge database of products and merchants. I extracted the code I use to access these APIs to a Ruby gem for everyone to use. You can find the code and installation and usage instructions on Github.

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Tries - Solidify your code and retry on petty exceptions

I am always watching out for chunks of code that I seem to reuse in every new project and the "tries" pattern is definitely one of them. So finally I found some time to wrap it up into a gem and even come up with a nifty tagline:

Solidify your code and retry on petty exceptions

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