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Introducing RubyDocs - Fast and searchable Ruby and Rails docs

Update June 1 2014: RubyDocs is now mentioned as reference documentation on the official Ruby website (look for "Ruby & Rails Searchable API Docs")!

Update May 25 2014: The source code for RubyDocs is now open source under the MIT license and available on Github. If you have any ideas for new features or run into any bugs while using RubyDocs, please open an issue!

RubyDocs was already launched at the end of 2013 but a few days ago I added the most-asked-for missing feature (being able to generate docs for just Ruby or Rails) and noticed that I have never officially introduced the project in a blog post, so here we go.


  • RubyDocs allows to you to generate sdoc docs for any version of Ruby or Rails (or both combined).
  • sdoc is awesome! (it also powers the official Rails API docs)
  •, which used to let you create sdoc docs, has been defunkt for a long time now, which is why I set out to build a replacement.
  • Does anyone know Vladimir Kolesnikov? He owns and I tried to get in touch with him to ask him to forward to but didn't get an answer.
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